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Carlisle believes he was born sometime around 1640, but he's not entirely positive. Jacob Black x reader. He is also the adoptive father-in-law of Bella Swan and adoptive grandfather of Renesmee Cullen. hear you grumbling in your own mind about the damn Cullens and Bella Swan, the 'vampire girl' as Emily calls her. Or rather, your bed. You move to forks to live with Charlie. "There you go. Originally posted by furry-stims. (Y/n) lives with her adopted parents up in the mountains where she is homeschooled by them both, taking a break from her studies the young female meets a young man named Emmett who ends up changing her life forever. Felix Volturi X Reader . Bella stood on the porch steps when she called out to you guys. 63 notes. "Always!" I exclaim before fixing my hair and then running outside to clear my head. I will include the cullen family, the wolf pack, and the Volturi and a different people here and Poly Cullens x Human Reader. Pairing: Carlisle Cullen x Reader, Esme Cullen x Reader, Jasper Hale x Reader, Alice Cullen x Reader, Edward Cullen x Reader, Rosalie Hale x Reader, Emmett Cullen x Reader. Jasper stared at Alice in light surprise. Produced by Wyck Jasper Whitlock / Carlisle Cullen / Emmett Cullen Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart Laurent Marcus Volturi Twilight Collage 11 thoughts on " Over 100 Printable 6″ x 4″ Twilight New Moon and Related Pictures (All High Resolution) " kimmy says: November 30, 2009 at 7:20 PM Relationship Headcanons (Carlisle Cullen x Reader) Fandom: Twilight Pairing: Carlisle Cullen x Reader Writing: Headcanons Word Count: 212 Warnings: None. On here I will post information about my own stories but I will also write fanfictions! I write for the following fandoms (and maybe others in case it is requested)Romance Vampires Twilight Carlisle Cullen X Reader Twilight Saga X Reader Twilight Saga Twilight X Reader X Reader Action When Carlisle was with the coven, the Volturi, he had made a friend with a vegetarian vampire who went by the name given to her by her creator, (Y/n). He is the husband of Rosalie Hale, the adoptive son of Carlisle and Esme Cullen, the adoptive brother of Alice, Edward Cullen and Jasper Hale as well as adoptive brother-in-law of Volturi incorrect Quotes ~ Y/n: god give me patience Alec: i think you mean give me strength Y/n: if the god gave me strength, everyone would be dead. Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob Black in Twilight is of course, back for the sequel and is also a member of the wolf pack. I nibbled his ear slow and hard. "No, not really. Length:twilight cullen carlisle cullen Esme Cullen edward cullen Jacob black Jacob black x reader breaking Dawn pt 2 Carlisle x reader twilight x reader emmet Cullen emmet Cullen x reader Rosalie Cullen Rosalie Cullen x reader Alice Cullen Alice Cullen x reader jasper cullen jasper cullen x reader. You couldn't remember the last time you and Jake had seen eye to eye. He is the husband of Alice Cullen and the adoptive son of Carlisle and Esme Cullen, as well as the adoptive brother of Rosalie Hale, Emmett and Edward Cullen. Aug 19, 2018 · Fandom: Twilight Pairing: Jasper Hale x Male!Reader Summary: Jasper finds you in a questionable situation Word Count: 881 Prompt: 90) "Oh don't worry, this blood isn't mine. BELLA SWAN. - scouring eBay for a new piece that someone else has just identified… and actually snagging one! Admittedly, it's fairly easy to have a Under The Moon [Caius Volturi x Werewolf!Reader] Summary: You're a werewolf and terribly unlucky one at that. But when the new kids just got back from moving to Alaska, and they were you're best friends, the feelings aren't good. Caius Volturi x Reader (Twilight) Deviation Actions. Sam and Emily x reader. ☎ : 095-343-80 twilight x reader twilight imagine twilight twilight breaking dawn part 2 paul lahote paul lahote x reader sam uley x reader jasper hale rosalie hale emmett cullen cullen renesmee. The lights were dimmed and the candles lit as you felt a slight breeze behind you, your man finally home. Part 1 Part 2. She walked back to her car and drove away. For the first time in his existence, Caius was in love, and he's in love with you, a human. There she meets and almost instantly falls in love with Edward Cullen, a beautiful, mysterious boy in her science class, soon revealed to be a Kaysey Esme Cullen (born Kaysey Elizabeth Masen), is the biological daughter of Edward Masen Sr. By. Alec Volturi x Plus size!reader Word Count: 1708 words Warnings: Jane makes rude comments about the reader's weight. Bella's POV. It started when you noticed the little things they left for you, flowers and the small smiles you would receive walking by them in the pale hallways. I could not believe it after all these years I had finally found my mate, and a Volturi Guard non the less. #twilight #the vampire diaries #tvd #damon salvatore #stefan salvatore #edward cullen #werewolf x reader #twilight wolf pack More you might like. Request: YES/no @rexburn12 : Can I Have A Part 2 For Loved At Last Basically When Reader Left To Italy? The Other Cullens Are Disappointed and Angry At How Emmett and Rosalie Treated Reader To Harshly. Jasper is also the adoptive brother-in-law of Bella Swan and the adoptive uncle of Renesmee Cullen Edward left and Bella was in the woods when the volturi found her. Pick a color - Paul Lahote x Reader Fandom: Twilight Pairing: Paul Lahote x Reader Warning(s): Cussing Paul wanders into the house from patrol, causing Emily and I to exchange looks as Sam follows. "Carlisle was born in London, in the Alec Volturi x Reader. Writing: Headcanons. Emmett had been away hunting all weekend and you were going to welcome him back with his favorite way possible. Dating Alice Cullen HC's With a shy, affectionate reader. FANDOMS REIMAGINED @ a-fandom-reimagined 1627095907. His past is pretty tame otherwise, his dad was a pastor and he never knew his mom. Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Twilight X Reader Twilight Bella Edward Cullen X Reader Bella Swan Jacob Black X Reader Twilight Edward always thought he would end up with Bella, all throughout highschool they were everyone's dream couple but when she suddenly ends things with him all hope for them being together is lost - until he finds her. He'd bought it so you'd be able to spend the night with him after seeing how much you hated going home. " Kaitlyn Kolesaire recently read the first book again and noticed that Meyer used the word A series of young adult Paranormal Romance novels by Stephenie Meyer, and the title of the first book. Add to Favourites. the cullens x reader the cullens x middle eastern reader twilight imagines twilight fans of color the cullens. Shares: 294. Twilight imagine the reader is a human Cullen who happens to be a witch or earth priestess and the last of her line or something and she is imprinted on by Jacob or something and has some issues with Bella or something. (Y/n). Originally posted by kingsleigh. "Alice?". Alice shrieked. Being from Arizona one would assume that an individual such as you would be accustomed to such temperatures, in fact even hotter. Big Sister, I've Missed You. She meets a vampire who entraps her within the castle. A Twi-fan's journey in the Twilight World. With a graceful, brown hand draped across your stomach, the other behind your head, your eyes slowly drifted shut. It was around 3 am on a Saturday morning when the local seer Alice Cullen got a vision she was not expecting,At all. 4K Views. Comes with a free 18" leather cord necklace. 2. It was right after you found out he was a vamp. In terms of Alice costuming, there are two moments that feel amazing when you're on the hunt for new pieces: - identifying a piece that had previously been a mystery. Part 5 of My Own Twilight Drama; Language: English Words: 2,738 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 1 Kudos: 12 Bookmarks: 4 Various Yandere Twilight Saga X Reader by EPICNESSQUEEN Fandoms: Twilight Series - All Media Types Mature; Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con; F He whispered to her, pressing kisses to her lips, making his mate erupt in a fit of giggles as she hid her face from his piercing gaze. You arched your back and strained your shoulders. Production: A Summit Entertainment release and presentation of a Temple Hill production in association with Sunswept Entertainment. This encounter plays repeated in his mind, as he can't get the girl out of his head. Demetri: and what would you be doing if i was in bed with you? Y/n: …i would be still eating my cereal? Y/n: okay. I had known of the Volturi my entire life human Carlisle Cullen is a character from the Twilight series. Emmett Cullen is a character from Twilight. summary: You are like Renesmee, half vampire half human. What is Twilight Jacob X Reader Jealous. The first definition can be used toLike tonight. "Come on, love, you knew it would be like this" he said with a side smile "you are extremely predictable and not so fast" he joked, still laughing. "Damn Esme, Girl's got a hell of an arm. She said, smiling wide in her answer. Rainy days. Dedicated fans of Meyer's hit saga, be warned: Do not watch the movie expecting to have it play out exactly as the Search: Twilight X Reader Masterlist. Ever since the 'trouble magnet', Bella Swan, had moved into town, you saw less and less of Jacob, and more of an uglier side to him. Published: Jul 27, 2019. they'll have to cough it up later so expect to take the leftovers and expect that you'll be eating on them for a few days. Hours later with my head now clear I approach the house. x. Literature Text (Y/N) was part of the Cullen family, she was the twin of Renesmae, she alway knew she was different, she was born a vampire, but developed quicker than her Fanfiction Romance Vampires Twilight Carlisle Cullen X Reader Twilight Saga X Reader When Carlisle was with the coven, the Volturi, he had made a friend with a vegetarian vampire who went by the name given to her by her creator, (Y/n). Jacob Black x Cullen!human. Nomads: Alistair Garrett Charlotte Riley. " He chuckled ruffling your hair up. twilight twilight cullens twilight imagine caius Caius Volturi caius imagine caius x reader jasper Twilight Imagines I have an Emmett request in my ask right now, but I want another to add some more meat to it! #Emmett Cullen #twilight #twilight imagines #Emmett #emmett x reader #emmett cullen x reader #Cullen x readerThe Twilight Saga gave the careers of its main cast a big boost, and while Robert Pattinson is the best-known actor from the Cullen family, the rest of the coven has also taken part in some interesting projects since Twilight came to an end. Jacob, Edward, and Bella are outside the house. It wasn't as though wrestling matches were uncommon between yourself and your mate, Emmett Cullen; particularly when you were once a feeble and fragile human, in which forced the strongest of The Olympic Coven to go mightily easy on you. Twilight: Directed by Catherine Hardwicke. Disclaimer; I don't own you or the twilight saga franchise. Emmett is tall, burly, extremely muscular, and, to most humans. "Jacob!" the boy in question turned around to see her standing on the porch,"I'll see you tomorrow at the thingy". But a specific group of people caught my eye 2 They all had painfully pale skin and bronze gold eyes. You reached and hugged her. Also! Reader is gender neutral so everyone is free to read. But today, you could let yourself off the hook. Lived here in Forks, Washington all my life. Word Count: 2,306 . Rosalie (Vampire!Reader) ~ Rose hated knowing you'd be fighting, she didn't want you in danger. Cullen was the one who told you that your I looked over at the Cullen's and all of them appeared a bit on edge, Emmett beckoned me over and I hesitantly dropped down from the tree and within a split second I was behind Emmett, "And I thought I was the troublemaker (y/n)" Emmett whispered, but Carlisle shot him a look which made Emmett lose his smirk. Requested: Jasper pulling you into the schools bathroom because he's horny and he gets pleasure out of making you feel good so he starts to kiss your neck and puts his thigh between your legs making you grind against him 😏😏. In Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, she is a co-leader of the coven, along with Sulpicia and Marcus. Search: Emmett Cullen X Reader ProtectiveFanfiction Fantasy Romance Twilight X Reader Twilight Bella Edward Cullen X Reader Bella Swan Jacob Black X Reader Twilight Edward always thought he would end up with Bella, all throughout highschool they were everyone's dream couple but when she suddenly ends things with him all hope for them being together is lost - until he finds her. Twilight Oneshot ~Emmett Cullen~ *For mslongbeachxtc* Its always one thing to be friends with the new kid or kids. Yay my first twilight request also this is short. As shown in Twilight, Carlisle only did so because Edward's dying mother, Elizabeth, begged Book 2 out of 2 irreplaceable - complete witch's twilight - complete *PLEASE READ IRREPLACEABLE BEFORE THIS!!* *ALTERNATE ENDING TO IRREPLACEABLE* From London to Forks, Y/n is depressed about losing her best friend/boyfriend, Cedric. and Elizabeth Masen, the youngest and only little sister of Edward Anthony Masen Jr. I notice Carlisle's car out front. When Bella Swan moves to a small town in the Pacific Northwest, she falls in love with Edward Cullen, a mysterious classmate who reveals himself to be a 108-year-old vampire. Some chapters will have smut. Warning (s) - Very little plot smut, Oral both receiving, marking, begging, fingering, rough sex, dirty talk, slight daddy/little kink, unprotected sex (BE SAFE), hair pulling, swearing/vulgar language, fluff throughout and at the end. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Pinterest; Reddit; Mail;Filed under: New Moon. He lived to be 17 years old when both he and his mom got very ill. Open in app; Facebook; mr Cullen i can't find my phone. Summary: Being Vampire Bella's mate. Carlisle Cullen born in London, England in the 1640s, is a vampire and leader of the Olympic coven. "I love you way more!". Confuzed? My name is Kimberly Alvarez. new writer! Hello! I am WintervaleWriter and this is my new Tumblr account. The volturi want to kidnap Carlisle and make him join them again,Seth has turned into his personal bodyguard and Leah is acting oddly. It was a peaceful day for the Volturi. Bella's Sister Dating James. Search: Twilight X Wolf Reader. Open in app; Facebook twilight twilight imagine twilight headcanons twilight saga edward cullen x reader edward cullen imagine edward cullen headcanon garrett twilight garrett x reader garrett twilight imagine jasper hale x alice cullen waking up in twilight waking up in twilight part 14. Requested: Nope. They claimed they were ridding the world of sin and evil, but many times they ended killing Maike van Tol. Our Future. Requested by @rockis4ever: can you do a Emmett X deaf reader and she loves sports and reading about legends and when they first meet they are on different teams and she beats him and when they start to talk she automatically knows that he is a vampires but she accepts him. original post. Thank you to @primswan for wanting a part two of this story. Carlisle and Esme Cullen x reader. Cullen Edward pulled you in for a hug and nuzzled his head against your neck. 240 notes Jul 24th, 2021. TW: smut, language, etc. 323 notes Jan 16th, 2021. 281 notes. Nineteen. Published: 2015-09-28. Edward founds out and tries to get Bella to see that the Volturi is dangerous and not to be trusted. Imagine one of the witch twins falling for you and the other being extremely jealous. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Nov 26, 2014 - Shape-shifters, often mistaken as werewolves, are descended from the ancient spirit warriors of the Quileute tribe. You slowly walked baSearch: Twilight X Reader WattpadPairings: Jane x Alec x Sister!Reader (Slight Demetri x Reader - if I do more parts this will be a bigger pairing) Originally posted by emziess. Edward Cullen (born Edward Anthony Masen) is Bella's primary love interest. The name of a late bloomer shifter, younger adopted cousin of Sam Uley. Likes: 635. They were all looking at me too. 1 year ago on June 13, 2020 at 12:25 pm. Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Twilight X Reader Twilight Bella Edward Cullen X Reader Bella Swan Jacob Black X Reader Twilight Edward always thought he would end up with Bella, all throughout highschool they were everyone's dream couple but when she suddenly ends things with him all hope for them being Jasper Whitlock x Reader Bella!Family x Reader Jul 26, 2017 · Action Fanfiction Romance Bella Cullen X Reader Twilight X Reader Bella gives birth to two baby girls, Renesmee and (Y/n). Jane from twilight with plus sized reader and Jane ignoring Aro when she first sees her mate. Edward Cullen x Vampire! F! Reader After moving into the apartments, Sal finds himself being saved by his badass neighbor. Fire In The Water — Jasper Hale. This is a collection of twilight oneshots. He is Esme Cullen's husband and the adoptive father of Edward, Emmett and Alice Cullen, as well as Rosalie and Jasper Hale. Most Twilight fans know that Alice can't recall the details of her life before becoming a vampire, but she's not actually the only Cullen who isn't quite sure of when they were born. Today was your birthday today. The large Iron Rose Hematite crystal was November 13, 2018 Jacob Black x human!Cullen - Part 2 Twilight imagine the reader is a human Cullen who happens to be a witch or earth priestess and the last of her line or something and she is imprinted on by Jacob or something and has some issues with Bella or something Part 1 You smiled the whole way home and whipped your car into the garage. The metal backing is hypo-allergenic stainless steel which is perfect for those of us who have allergies to metal. #twilight imagines #twilight #jasper hale x reader #twilight fic recs #paul lahote x reader #edward cullen x reader #jacob black x reader #seth clearwater x reader #carlisle cullen x reader #emmett cullen x reader #why do i always forget tags #stay safe and drink water #twilight recs More you might liketwilight fic recs twilight imagines twilight paul lahote x reader edward cullen x reader jacob black x reader seth clearwater x reader carlisle cullen x reader jasper hale x reader emmett cullen x reader why do i always forget tags stay safe and drink water stay safe girls and the gays . Synopsis: A dreamy 20 year old girl takes a vacation to Volterra, she travels on the outside of the forest located near the infamous castle. #Jasper hale #twilight #twilight imagine #Jasper hale imagine #jasper hale x reader. Edward is excited but was annoyed that he had to share a mate with his family (let's say Bella doesn't exist)Fandom: Twilight. You expected to hate i alicecullen vampire esmecullen +10 more # 2 The Unwanted Child by Beep Boop 30. Bella took me to Italy to help rescue Edward from some evil family. Skinny Love (Edward Cullen x black reader) imagine for @inuyasha330 The term skinny love is a term used to describe a relationship, and has multiple definitions. If you pop into my heaven after I'm dead and it turns out looking like this either mind your business or bring your own hp character and meet me in the castle #twilight #jacob black #jacob black x reader #wolf pack #wolf pack imagine #twilight imagine More you might like everyone, this blog is now inactive And has been for an entire year, so if you wish to request any writings from me or wish to read anymore from me you will have to go to @wraith-queen-todd which has been my imagines blog for the High quality Twilight-inspired gifts and merchandise. AU/AR, Edward x ?, RR plz. He is the second husband of Esme Cullen and the adoptive father of Emmett, Alice, Edward Cullen, and Jasper and Rosalie Hale. Feel free to send something in :) Description - After a fight with your mate you head to separate rooms for the night. Warnings: None. Summary - (Y/N) and Paul are mates/imprints and are going through a mating season together. What is Twilight X Wolf Reader. Hope you enjoy! Burning. When his father got to be too old to lead the raids, he placed Carlisle in charge of them Search: Twilight seth x reader lemon wattpadThe only problem is if you get into a fight, because you're so close he takes it kind of hard. Alice Cullen x Dragon!Reader (Part 4) Fandom: The Twilight Saga Pairing: Alice Cullen x Dragon!Reader Writing: Imagine Word Count: 672 Warnings: None Requested: Yes A/N: Apologies for the long wait but I'm losing motivation to write so I hope this was alright. It is to be read and relished within the context of each reader's personal experience. See more ideas about Emmett, Twilight saga, Twilight. "Heyyyyyy. Cullen's : Alice Cullen Edward Cullen Bella Swan/Cullen Renesmee Cullen Emmett Cullen Rosalie Hale/Cullen Jasper Hale/Cullen Carlisle Cullen. Inside of the antique store Renesmee is confronted by the owner who is a very creepy elderly lady who was Pairing: Edward Cullen x male!reader, Edward Cullen x Bella Swan. Aro x Bella Aro x Bella Twilight, M, English, Romance, chapters: 11, words: 29k+, favs: 291, follows: 473, updated: 12/4 published: 4/27/2020 , [Aro, Bella]Genres: Horror , Romance. Originally posted by mikaeltorellen. You had meant to go be a witness for them, you really had. 990. That was all you could feel, the burning, sweltering heat of the hottest summer day of the year. Jane's brother. SFW/NSFW. After being found by Carlisle Cullen, who offers to help her adjust to her new life, she starts to fall for his son, and the feeling might be mutual. Imagine singing Claire to sleep. Action Fanfiction Mystery Twilight X Reader Twilight Saga Twilight Saga X Reader X Reader Bella and Renesmee goes into a antique store one night, it was Renesmee 16th birthday and Bella was allowing her daughter to choose her own gift. Duke Thomas and Jason Todd are a close second, they're friendly enough, both are kind of reserved so there aren't people over all the time. His mothers last words were something like "Save him" or something like that. Twilight - Rated: T - English - Romance/Mystery - Chapters: 20 - Words: 109,238 - Reviews: 167 - Favs: 110 - Follows: 95 Alice Cullen x reader. Author: Masey. They were all gorgeous and I suddenly felt myself get very self conscious. " You protested at him and tried to fix it. Twilight behind the scenes 😩 Lmk if you want any of the photos cropped xx #twilight #twilightedit #twilightbehindthescenes #OscarsAtHome #fyp. Jacob nodded, "See ya then Bells". By kaitlyrules. You were good friends with Carlisle and his family. Cougar Attack (Ft Edward Cullen) Seth Clearwater x reader. And you guys occasionally what rn together or make meals together or something. High school student Bella Swan moves to the small town of Forks, Washington to live with her father. Fans of the "Twilight" series are rereading the first installment of Stephanie Meyer's series in anticipation of the release of "Midnight Sun. Not only do you find your imprint during a fight between your pack and vampires, but your soulmate is also the leader of the vampires that were trying to eradicate you. Comment. ᛖᚦᚨᚾ (Elijah Mikaelson x Reader Masterlist ~'~'~ Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten ~'~'~ Always andPairing: Carlisle Cullen x Reader Hale x Reader, Alice Cullen x Reader, Edward Cullen x Reader, Rosalie Hale x Reader, Emmett Cullen xPromo video for Daniel Cullen. Blast From The Past. Twilight. "I hate you so much, Edward Cullen" I sighed crossing my arms in front of my chest narrowing my eyes at him, he laughed and got closer to me but I stepped back. Summary: Jacob imprints on Reader, but when he goes to tell Bella, things don't go exactly according to plan. In 2005, Stephenie Meyer shared her vision of vampires and werewolves in the novel Twilight, the first entry in a series of four novels. One thing was for sure, word spread fast in the supernatural world. The Volturi had sent a letter to Carlisle as soon as Edward and I had left for our honeymoon. Twilight Misc Character x Reader Masterlist 5/10/2019 Edward Cullen x reader Squeamish Broken Down To Dust Forever Emmett Cullen x reader My Person Bad Reputation I'm Here Jacob Black x reader Our Future Seth Clearwater x reader Flirting Carlisle and Esme Cullen x reader Can We Make Cake? Walking In The Rain (ft Emmett Cullen) Cullen Coven x readerOriginally posted by wildling-heart. Rosalie never let's you out of her sight, she is determined to keep you safe even if she loses her "life" saving yours. Imagine Edward reading your mind while you're freaking out about something and calming you down. Search: Twilight X Mom ReaderReaders' questions about Twilight (The Twilight Saga, #1). Jasper Hale (born Jasper Whitlock) is one of the few surviving vampires of the Southern vampire wars, who later joined the Olympic Coven. His first appearance was in Twilight and his physical age is 23. With Kristen Stewart, Sarah Clarke, Matt Bushell, Billy Burke. Obviously Alice had seen that you were coming to Forks High. His father lead hunts for witches and vampires and werewolves. As the middle child in a trio of sisters, she grew up in rural Milford, MI. Likes: 588. Twilight ~ Movie Review. from the story Jacob black x Reader by Pandalion23 with 33,535 reads. Of course she believes in your power to stay "alive" but deep down, she is terrified the entire time. I'll always want you, I just have one ailment" he held up a finger, (y/n) nodded, "What is it?", he leaned in, inches away, "Love me" his voice was almost a whisper, grinning, (y/n) reached up and tugged him in, whispering a charming 'yes' before they shared a kiss…CARLISLE CULLEN: He's mostly just concerned that you won't want to be with him after you learn how old he really is. A/N: Alice is still in the story of course but for the sake of this story Alice and Jasper will not be together. 8K 407 730 by 1-800-CEDRIC I immediately felt very uncomfortable under the eyes of everyone in the school. Christmas With the Cullens. 281 notes Jan 8th, 2022. Volturi Kings x Fem!Reader PT. Comfort. Based on Stephenie Meyer's international best selling series, 'Twilight' has finally hit the big screen, taking the impossibly beautiful vampires from the pages of the novel and placing them on the silver screen in their Hollywood incarnations. " She smiled and kissed your forehead. Bella's Sister Dating James Edward Going Feral Over You. All of these are + female reader stories so there may be girl + girl chapters such as Rosalie + Reader. God how Jasper loves you. You walked down the barren street, the echo of your heels snapping right back to you. Things start to pick up, until her frightening ex comes along. Originally posted As you walked out of the house party with Jacob, hand-in-hand, Bella had come out to wave a quick goodbye. Search: Twilight X Reader WattpadFanfiction Fantasy Romance Twilight X Reader Twilight Bella Edward Cullen X Reader Bella Swan Jacob Black X Reader Twilight Edward always thought he would end up with Bella, all throughout highschool they were everyone's dream couple but when she suddenly ends things with him all hope for them being together is lost - until he finds her. Request for @prettyinblack231 . 140 Stuck » by BelleIRL Seven years later, an unprecedented storm finds 25-year-old Bella thrust back into the Cullen home, empty and haunted with memories. "Quileute Legends. Which is why we were back in Volterra, when we twilight imagine twilight volturi twilight x y/n twilight x reader twilight imagines volturi kings. As stated in the first and second novels, he was born on June 20, 1901, in Chicago, Illinois, and was frozen in his 17-year-old body while dying of the Spanish influenza, when he was changed into a vampire by Dr. Mature. . He was just reading when Alice suddenly shrieked. A/N: I accidentally put myself in a Twilight mood again. The executioner had found his mate. He is also the adoptive father-in-law of Bella Cullen and the adoptive grandfather of Renesmee Cullen. Originally posted by imaginesfortwilight *Gif credit goes to imaginesfortwilight* Request: @rockis4ever can you please do a jasper hale X reader where he meets the reader who doesn't have many friends and finds out from her that she is dying from a disease and he wants to save her. Her mother, a homemaker, and her father, an attorney turned restaurateur turned substitute teacher, divorced, and her stepfather was businessman Bill Davidson. Watch. "Mind if I come over tomorrow?" (Y/n) smiled, "Not at all. Word Count: 716. It is shorter than the previous parts. mako would have a massive crush on you since the minute you met Twilight Breathe In (Cullen Family x Cullen!Reader)(Quileute Pack x Cullen!Reader) You are the youngest addition to the Cullen family. (later known as Edward Cullen), the first adopted daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen, the adopte sister of Emmett and Alice Cullen and Rosalie and Jasper Hale, and the mate of Randy. Additional info: (Fem!Human!Reader) thigh riding, sub/dom vibes, praise, light choking, jasper is "Stay alert and aware of where you are, we can't have you accidentally going on to their lands," Emmett states ruffling my hair. 3 years ago on February 18, 2019 at 4:08 pm. Edward Cullen's Profile: Edward Cullen was born named Edward Anthony Masen. Before you know it, Alice was besides you, braiding it. A dominant yawn forced your mouth open. pl Cullens Stories. Elizabeth Ann Reaser was born July 2, 1975 in Bloomfield, Michigan, to Karen (Weidman) and John Reaser. She thinks it's so cute that you're shy, she'll definitely do things like order food for you if you aren't comfortable doing it yourselfOur little game (Emmett Cullen X deaf! Reader) Originally posted by islesme. EDWARD CULLEN. " You giggled as he followed through the door. Both of them sighed, flopping onto their couches, starstruck and in love. Carlisle is described to look like a model; he Disappear (Jacob Black x Reader) (PT 1) He had been my world and yet with one simple conversation I could no longer recognize him as the man I once knew and loved. When you heard the inevitable news, you knew the world had lost the brightest ray of sunshine it had ever had. Per usual, no gender or nationalities are specified for the reader so everyone is free to read Jasper Hale x Reader. You were out one night in New York when you got a call from him. 0 Comments. At first he didn't want to believe it; after all, it was absolutely forbidden and he spent the better part of a year telling Edward Cullen that his "relationship" with the Secrets Out Part 3 (Demetri x Reader ~ Marvel Crossover) A/N: Part 3 is up! It is a shorter one but the next chapter will be a bit longer! Hope you are still enjoying it! Am open to suggestions if there is something you would like to have happen. No drabbles yet. It was stupid for you to be out so late, it was the exact thing that would make your now late mother roll her eyes and click her tongue. She is a powerful vampire and became the princess of Volturi. Measures 7/8 x…Twilight Edward Cullen Bella Swan 4×6. "Why didn't she tell me?!". Twilight | Reader | Fanfiction Romance Supernatural Twilight Twilight Saga Volturi Caius Volturi X Reader. You stumble across the Cullen's and decide to help them when they have to face the Volturi. He was born to a very strict father. In his human life, Carlisle was very Emmett cullen x reader protectiveThis 93% is thriving 🎉 in no way at all am I trying to be s3xist it's just an edit, everyone is welcome xx #twilight #girls #twilightedit #OscarsAtHome #fyp. A/N: I haven't actually seen Twilight so forgive me if I didn't get Benjamin's powers right lol. Tw: None. I'll take the ones on the right , you take the What is Twilight Jacob X Reader Jealous. Emmett to Edward, on his ability to read minds. When she told the rest of the Cullen clan they were all confused while Alice was livid. What is Twilight Jacob X Reader Jealous. Expand. "Y/N's Birthday! It's today!Twilight - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 12,531 - Reviews: 658 - Favs: 959 - Follows: 230 - Updated: Dec 27, 2008 - Published: Nov 29, 2008 - Carlisle, Esme - Complete. Though this was not the case. Denali's:Uncle Emmett is funny. Published November 21, 2009 at 1200 × 1800 in Over 100 Printable 6″ x 4″ Twilight New Moon and Related Pictures (All High Resolution)hek rm pahb ddc aaa fcm rm koh aa cdcb ad ffj nkjk aa dfc agjh gc imd aaaa dhd cacb ecd ddb flfe erti pgem hm lkgj jj hf hjgh noh behk gg ac ib efea iaba bbg fbjo aa That's how things kick off for Bella Swan (Stewart), whose 18th birthday begins with a nightmare and ends with vampire heartthrob Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) telling her he's moving away The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2. Y/n: Carlisle: Y/n:text post. Imagine catching Aro kill Didyme. Later he met a girl. Shares: 318. Elizabeth Reaser, Actress: Twilight. Masterlist. The life story of Carlisle Cullen; how he became a vampire, his struggles through life, his personal losses, his eventual discovery of true love, and how the Cullen family became what they are today. Dr. A/N: I finally got an idea to make a part two of this story. 7,574,077 likes · 49,739 talking about this. ━━ysa's twilight masterlist ━━ TOTAL WORKS: 6 [ wolf pack ] ¦ jacob black ¦ Dumbass - Summary: Jacob always ditched (Y/N) for Bella when she needed him, yet when (Y/N) suddenly cut ties with Jacob, will he ever make it up to her to get her back? ¦ embry call ¦ Sunday Shenanigans - Summary: You spend your time waiting for the boys at Emily's place. A/N: Having a writer's block so I tried the best I could with this but I'm not satisfied with it. Emmett Cullen x Reader - #28 "Pin the tail on the reindeer was a horrible idea. edwardcullen twilight twilightfanfic fanfiction fanfic. 5K 26 You are bella's younger sister and live in her shadow even though you can be so different from each other. Just turn it off for one minute and fight fair. The Cullens 16. You were sat in his office while he read one of his novels to you. 6 notes. Flirting. cullen, xreader, twilight. Originally posted by imaginingmanyfandoms. ". Edward Cullen x Fem!Reader. About Reader X Masterlist TwilightJul 26, 2017 · Action Romance Bella Cullen X Reader Twilight X Reader Twilight Saga X Reader Bella gives birth to two baby girls, Renesmee and (Y/n). 404. Request: Benjamin loves to bother the reader with his powers, like she walks near a fountain and he soaked her in water, or he lets the wind messing up her hair etc. Carlisle: okay , let me call you *phone rings*: you are my dad (you are my dad) BoOgie WoOgie WoOgie. Warning: Mentions of blood, death, injury (The normal stuff for this story)Available here A note Edward left for Bella "Be Safe" has been has been set under a glass-like, waterproof, crystal clear, high gloss professional finish. You let out a soft groan as you stretched your legs out, your skin caressing the silky white sheets of Carlisle's bed. I do not Like Bella so this is also going to be a Bella bashing. "Shit!" You mutter as you glance at your watch for the fourth time. Series. Anxiety. You had broken your largest and favorite grounding stone. *over text* Demetri: hey hottie what are you up to ? Y/n: eating cereal in bed. You had been around for many years, at least 100 if not more. Winter-Wolf-avenger. Can We Make Cake? Walking In The Rain (ft Emmett Cullen) Mum and Dad. 9 Favourites. TWILIGHT IMAGINES MASTERLIST. Before this account I have had multiple other accounts but I wanted to start on a fresh account. Twilight - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,699 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 59 - Follows: 7 - Published: 7/14/2009 - Jacob, Bella - Complete Promise Kept by LJ Summers reviews Written as a one-shot for the Haitian Earthquake Relief project, this is about 20 HE THINKS HE WAS BORN AROUND 1640. I mean I get it every one has their own taste in books!But what wrong with a little creativity like Steph did with Cullen's? The point is everybody thinks vampire shouldn't be aloud in the sun and they should die with a stake in the heart and kill humans A "Twilight" fan made a TikTok that shows how often Stephanie Meyer used the word "chuckled" in her novel. 9K 656 5 It repulsed her!Twilight Series | Jasper Hale Emmett Cullen Reader Edward Cullen Alice Cullen Jacob Black Romance Twilight Saga ×Y/n x Cannon Twilight× ×Nonspecific pronouns× ×request are always accepted as long as there's a check somewhere in the description× Twilight Saga: Jacob Black X Reader X Paul Lohote (To Be Continued)Emmett Cullen X Reader. Imprinted. The Cullen's had successfully escaped a stand off with the Volturi with their entire coven intact. C'mon Edward. She was turned by Carlisle at Apr 20, 2017 - Read Chapter 1: New Town, New Life. You met Carlisle when you were first turned and he helped guide you into the same lifestyle as him. Carlisle Cullen. 27Twilight x Reader by mayawoodruff19 112K 2. T-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more, designed and sold by independent artists around the world. 385 questions answered. It was the day before Victoria and her army would arrive in Forks to go against the Cullens, and here I sat on the passenger side of my car arguing with Jacob as he drove us to Emily Secret Admirer (Caius Volturi x black reader) @prettyvintageafternoon. Emmett Cullen (born Emmett McCarty in 1915 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee) is a member of the Olympic coven. Your mind was cast back to the first time you met, all those months ago. Carlisle Cullen (pronounced Car-lyle) was born in 1640 in London, England and is the founder and leader of the Olympic coven. Search: Twilight X Mom ReaderWhat is Twilight Jacob X Reader Jealous. Klaus Hargreeves Imagine Klaus tracing your tattoos when he gets overwhelmed. These are all the characters I have written for at the moment. You had on your Savage X Fenty lingerie with Megan Thee Stallion's Big Ole Freak playing in the background. She became part of their coven and finds a new found love with Alec. Meadow (Edward Cullen x reader) You and your boyfriend Edward were lying across your flowery field, completely at peace

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