Ninjago fanfiction kai hurts lloyd

Kai was never so happy to have a soaking wet red gi than at that moment. Seeing the blonde sob was enough. He moves the hand on Lloyd's shoulder to his forehead after a violent shudder draws an awful cry out of him. "Kai," said a gentle voice. Lloyd was nowhere to be seen. Jay was over by the sink washing blood off his hands and face, while Zane, Nya, and Sensei crowded around Kai, who was unconscious on one of the beds. In half a second and with barely any effort on his part, Kai wrestled Lloyd to the floor so he was straddling him, pinning both wrists to the ground above his head. He could barely move, and was more than happy to soak his mentors shoulder with tears. The fire ninja walked into Lloyd's room, shutting the door behind him. Carefully walking over and sitting next to Kai, Lloyd hadn't understood the situation. In two lightning-quick strides, Kai had Lloyd in his grasp. It hid injuries quite well. He called threateningly even as he was forced to watch the ninja hurry off to find the First Spinjitzu Master's Tomb without him. "Enough already!" He yelled. To hit him. "We weren't insulting you Lloyd. "Kai! Kai, wake up! It's late!!" Nya shook him. "Are you okay?! It didn't get you, did it?" Lloyd shook himself out of his shocked stupor, blinking dazedly. Soon, Lloyd was letting it all out. Lloyd wasn't laughing now; in fact, he had gone quite pale. Jay and Cole rolled over onto the floor laughing, for what they had found was Kai cuddling a brown teddy bear that said I . Cole took off his blanket. So Kai was glad to give him a tight hug. Sensei sat beside, sipping tea with his expression as blank but questioning as ever. He sat on the blondes bed. The fire ninja knows the telltale signs of a growing fever. " The blonde was flipped over a lap. "No, no, no," Morro muttered to himself hurriedly, trying to wriggle his way free- but the ice pressing in on him from all sides and making Lloyd's puny, human body shiver with- Wait a second. Hiding a grimace of pain as something just short of agony raced across his lower ribs, Kai quickly checked over Lloyd over for injuries. Nya looks at me, worry in her brown eyes. Jul 20, 2019 · Lloyd keeps smiling like he'll be all right, but since they're keeping eye contact, Kai sees it when the green bleeds out of his irises. Sep 16, 2014 · Kai allowed Lloyd to squeeze his hand while it happened. It had hurt to see him cry. Motioning for the young boy to sit next to him, Kai had patted the bed, looking at Lloyd. Kai gently rubbed Lloyd's back. Kai Gets A Cold

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