How to be more feminine and soft reddit

It contributes to over 75% of skin aging. Your decor is a reflection and extension of who you are so change your bedsheets for some floral ones, add some flowers or art pieces you feel represent your idea of feminity Also, I don't think being feminine means being quiet all the time. Such as exercising, keeping your skin healthy, cooking more homemade food, and remaining positive. 4. But, you also need to be careful. You can wear subtle perfume, skirt, dresses, laugh quietly, do your hair (there are a bunch of YouTube tutorials) sit with your legs together etc. -simple trick but wrapping your towel at chest level can help feeling feminine-include more colours in your home decor, especially pastels are seen as very feminine. Wear lingerie under your work clothes. Always wear sunscreen, you will thank yourself down the road . There are times when being a little forceful might be appropriate, especially where your interests are concerned. Get fresh air. Health is so important in maintaining femininity for females and masculinity in males. Embrace whatever feminine hobbies call to you. level 2. I e asked at my usual salon and tried a few things. A super tidy living space can really translate to a smoother life and increased confidence. Also, stay out of the sun. There's nothing that makes us feel more sensual than wearing a cute lace set, so wearing it underneath clothes is a cute little secret we keep to ourselves while feeling beautiful. Not to mention it is proven that lingerie makes us feel more confident. Put on a sexy perfume. Exercise and eat well, drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep. Op ยท 2y. There are many ways you can fit into a more traditionally feminine role

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