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26M followers . Complete. . Pillars version. The screen to the balcony opened and there stood Muzan. Muzan looked down at them disapprovingly before speaking. Yandere!Muzan x Reader. It's time to try Tumblr. Fanarts Anime. Kibutsuji MuzanShe Truly Was || Muzan Kibustsuji x F!Reader. I'm here for Y/n. You are in a lot of trouble. gela's theatre. Ok that is all have a lovely day/night :) —at the perfect timing, muzan was there too —before douma could do anything, muzan stopped him (rip douma, muzan probably sent him flying) —you realized someone picked you up and you turned around to see muzan —you continued to cry cause you thought you were gonna dieThe Cold Hearted Duke(Muzan x Reader) 35 parts Complete . 𝐊𝐄𝐍𝐌𝐀: gravity is a thing to pull me to you. They just want for your power!" Y/n had started crying slowly… Though tears slowly fell. " "I do. To think about how the sun used to touch your skin, or the wisteria tree in your backyard densecloud. "I called you together to introduce you to (Name). (Y/n) suddenly had a realization. 22 notes. M Anime. Among humans live demons. Nobody loves you. now showing audition details haikyuu acts haikyuu plays other collections seating arrangements. Muzan Kibutsuji x Reader 4 months ago. text post. Originally posted by knysource. Everything's been normal- well not really. Blue Spider Lily | Muzan Kibutsuji x Reader. GELA'S THEATRE IS CLOSED. "Nobody loves me" (Y/n) had changed the air around her and Muzan. he was wearing his white fedora with the outfit of an embroidered black tuxedo and a white tie over a black dress shirt and white dress pants. It's difficult to think about the past some days. Shes the beauty of her village and the kindest most innocent girl A demon's jealousy is a dangerous 5 parts Complete Kibutsuji Muzan x Demon! Wife Reader 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 what happened when Muzan's real w Arranged marriage Muzan x reader 16 parts"Muzan. You've done well. (KNY x reader) Yêu và Hận. She quickly lowered her head and let down a knee. synopsis: you are as delicate as a butterfly, one to be crushed by his very own hands. He's normally away for business, having to run his employees personally because they apparently can't do anything themse Ÿäñdërë Demon slayer x male readerWhen Muzan, the popular and rich guy girls could not really resist to, apparently lays his vicious eyes on you, you knew nothing good could possibly come out from it but you agreed to go on a date with him anyway. Of course, you ended up trying to put together the pieces of your broken heart, but it was impossible. Originally posted by leahberman. "I heard you have quite the green thumb. Synopsis: Muzan comes home to your little cage and you make a few slip ups that result in a punishment. 62790 3494 lunarmysuga • Writing Là 1 bé mới thôi, ra để thỏa mãn bản thân và ai có mơ ước như tui thôi. WARNINGS: *slight Mugen Train spoilers*, slight mentions of implied sexual activity, obsessive(?) behavior, Muzan is soft for one person only, some angst, mentions of injury, mentions of blood, I also barely "Muzan," your mother whispered to you, obviously very annoyed that you had even forgotten your own husband's name. Tentacle x Female Reader [LEMON] You woke up feeling drained and cold, you tried to sit up but you couldn't move your body, you opened you eyes and found your self in a cold empty room, you breathed in the cold air till her felt something slither to your waist, you tried to make any sound as possible but your vocal cords can't make any. inspired by the song hangin' by bastille. an experience to be y/n. In all his glory. Was this meant to be written in time for new years? No one knows. Completebokunosimpfiction. "Muzan said in bewilderment. Tears fall from my eyes as soon as I saw my lover with another. Cute Anime Guys. "How dare you? How dare you speak to me in such despicable manners? Let me tell you 1 thing. Muzan being the only one standing, a blatant show of power. 22 notes Muzan x daughter!Reader | Kokushibō x daughter!Reader | Akaza x daughter!Reader | Nakime x daughter!Reader | Daki x daughter!Reader | Gyūtarō x daughter!Reader | Kaigaku x daughter!Reader - Upper Moons and Muzan reacting to Dōma's adopted daughter. Anime Boys. Anime Demon. SFW // Fluff with small amounts of Angst. "Muzan-sama," you repeated. Muzan x Reader 18+ Originally posted by kogamiryoken You heard his footsteps long before you saw him. 35 parts. summary: after waking up in a strange bed, in a strange room, in a strange house, the only thing you can do is blindly trust a man who introduced himself as tsukihiko. Excluding Hantengu but guys I promise that I don't hate him :,) it's just that all his separate identities *really* confuse me and I didn't feel up to making HCs for all of those chaotic fools. ★ It took you a while to get used to him , but after you warmed up to him you learned to care for him. Muzan wasn't home that often at night because of his " duties " , but when he was home you will cook him food , and bake him some desserts to take with him. Muzan x human (that doesn't like killing) pt. Demon slayer x reader ONESHOTS - "A soul to love"-Muzan x pregnant reader "Oh love is such a complicated matter One day we fall in love with whom we desire to be with And then just like the wind, we fall apart" _ T O P 3-Lime 1-Kyojuro 6-Tanjiro 1-Gyomei 3-douma 3-Uzui 1-demonslayeroneshots 2-AkazaThe Red Spider Lily, Chapter 9. If demons come out at night, who comes out at day? This is a story about the death and extinc Wattpad . Trigger warning: violence, blood, comedy. As a precious little sister of the great Lord Muzan. + Y/n turned to her husband and looked at him, his eyes remained on the book. uppermoons; demonslayer; lowermoon +10 more # 3. Muzan x reader. Wattpad. tw: kidnapping (implied), tw: physical abuse. / kibutsuji muzan x reader. Born with infinite power that surpasses even the demon king and the original user of the Sun Breath, (Name) (Last Name) somehow ends up travelling with a moody emo six eyed demon, a huge forehead, a kawaiiDiscover more posts about muzan-x-reader. Word Count: 4626. Summary: Enmu helps Muzan remember you. 834K 31. ___ (y/n) is a beautiful woman who is courted by Muzan in the Heian Period and becomes his wife for all of eternity. The moon didn't dare look up from the hardwood, but you could tell they were curious as to who you were. Muzan x sister reader by Factory-chan. " A sudden wind blew you to the floor. The room that had made up your entire world for the last two days was almost unnaturally dark and you couldn't see your own hand in front of your face let alone what was beyond the confines of the cage. 24 parts. "Don't worry, Daki. warnings: violence, gore, death and unintentionally suggestive stuff. 2; Muzan x reader (angst) Inosuke x calm reader ; Originally posted by pururin. i'm coming for you. " You were a little surprised that he already knew that much about you. can you bear the consequences? warnings: kind of kidnapping, demons, violence, blood, human "meat", possessiveness…. (Male Insert) It's been a few years since (Y/N) got married to this man. (kny!various x reader) A girl who claims to be a nobody ends up catching the hearts of many. . dreamy night. "Muzan!" You heard the demon beside you gasp. If anybody wants to request him separately, though, feel free and I'll make my best effort! XD. muzan x reader. muzan x you demon slayer muzan kibutsuji muzan kibutsuji smut kny muzan muzan headcanons demon slayer x reader. No matter how much time passes, or kimetsunoyaiba giyuu kibustujixreader +15 more # 8 𝓜𝓸𝓷𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓸 by ganbareganbaresEnPai 405 18 7Muzan enjoyed having someone strong by his side not having to rely on him to protect them. They don't eat together and Muzan refuses to go out in the day. ">. Kid reader in all of the female characters hold . 8K 52. I covered my mouth to prevent any n Touched Starved ( Yandere!Giyuu Tomioka x Re 24 parts Complete . a/n: this takes place during his first few decades of being a demon. Y o u ' l l n e v e r b e b o r e d a g a i n. Leia as melhores histórias escritas pelos fãs com a tag Muzan X Reader concluídas - Mais comentadasMuzan x sister reader. You desperately fought the urge to roll your eyes in annoyance. Fanfics / Fanfictions Muzan X Reader de todos os tipos. Read Kibutsuji Muzan -- #hate from the story 𝗞𝗻𝗬 𝘅 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗿 𝗢𝗻𝗲𝗦𝗵𝗼𝘁 -- #𝘬𝘯𝘺𝘹𝘳𝘥𝘦𝘳 by agerara #muzan fic #muzan x y/n #muzan x reader #kimetsu no yaiba muzan #muzan imagines #demon slayer muzan #muzan x you #yandere muzan #muzan headcanons #muzan kibutsuji #mermaid au #yandere #kimetsu no yaiba #demon slayer x y/n #demon slayer fanfic More you might likeMuzan made it very clear to you what he expected from you. ~Love and Lust~ {MUZAN X READER} 9 parts Ongoing Y/n L/n is a very beautiful girl. ) ↑. Anime Art ( can't find the link for now. The corners of your husband's mouth turned upward. (I'm certainly not willing to tell)… Instead this shall be written in commemoration of the fact that Season 2 Muzan is just as gorgeous as ever… (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ Upper Moons (+ Muzan): Scent HCs

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